Douglasdale, DouglasGlen and Quarry Park comprise a large area of the southeast sector of Calgary. The community encompasses both sides of Deerfoot from the Bow River to 130th Avenue SE and includes Douglasdale Estates, DouglasGlen, Douglas Ridge, Quarry Park and Douglasdale Meadows as well as the DouglasGlen business park on the east side of the Deerfoot and south of 130th Avenue SE. The community accommodates approximately 12,000 residents, over 4,000 homes and more than 150 businesses!

The DouglasQuarry Community Association (“DQCA”) is a non-profit organization run entirely by volunteers.

Our Mission:

The DQCA’s mission is to foster community spirit through recreational, cultural, social, athletic and educational activities.

Our Vision:

The DQCA’s vision is to be a vibrant community that serves all residents, and is fuelled by the generosity of spirit.

Our Values:

The DQCA’s values are the following: volunteerism, open communication, honesty, mutual respect, multiculturalism, social justice, creativity, quality of life, and foremost – community building.