1. Green Line Stage One Committee Update

We are collecting public feedback on the updated alignment to ensure the project team and Council understand public sentiment regarding this recommendation. The intent of collecting input is not to influence the alignment ahead of Council’s decision; rather, input received will be summarized and shared with Council for consideration during their decision making in April 2020.

Currently the team is exploring different bridge types for crossing the Bow River and Prince’s Island Park. To look at these images, visit: https://engage.calgary.ca/greenline

The next Green Line Committee Meeting is scheduled for April 23, 2020, to give Calgarians more time for input, additional opportunities will be scheduled when available. Councillor Keating is Chair of the Green Line Committee and would like to remind everyone that this meeting is open to the public, so please come participate!


2. Special Tax Levy Bylaw

Calgary Parks is scheduled to bring this item to Committee in March 2020. An overview of the Enhanced Landscape Maintenance (ELM) program is given to a community which has voluntarily joined this program to provide additional landscape maintenance services beyond what Calgary Parks would provide to other community parks.

Currently Douglas Glen is the only community in Ward 12 who operates under the Special Tax Levy Bylaw.

For more information please visit: https://www.calgary.ca/CSPS/Parks/Pages/Programs/ELM/home.aspx


3. 2020 Community Cleanup Program Update

Each year Calgary Community Standards in partnership with Waste and Recycling Services, provide support and resources to community associations wishing to hold a community cleanup event in their neighbourhood. This year Ward 12 events will be held in May in Auburn Bay, and June in Cranston & Shepard (partnering with New Brighton). Community cleanup events are free and Calgarians can attend any of the cleanup events.

For a schedule listing, visit: https://www.calgary.ca/CSPS/ABS/Pages/Partnership-programs/About_Community_Cleanups.aspx

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