Due to continued low temperatures in Calgary, the start of the annual residential Spring Clean-up program, which normally begins in early April, is being delayed.

Bill Biensch, Roads Maintenance Manager, says street sweeping can not start until the snow and ice melts.

“Due to the unprecedented nature of this year’s winter we adjusted our sweeping schedules to ensure our operation can complete this work efficiently and effectively. Once gutters are free of ice we will be able to begin sweeping in residential areas.”

Citizens are advised the online schedule of residential street sweeping dates will not be posted until the weather patterns trend upward. Street sweeping on major roads that are free of snow may also be postponed as crews are currently unable to use water, needed for street sweeping, without it freezing.

“Crews will be doing some pre-sweeping in areas where they are able. But, unfortunately, the lower temperatures right now limit our ability to wet the roadway for sweeping,” says Biensch. “When the temperature stabilizes, we are prepared to start our sweeping program as normal.”

An announcement will be made once the street sweeping schedule is available online at Updates will also be made on the @yyctransport on Twitter in the coming weeks.


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