For many years, the communities of Douglas Glen and Douglasdale have been participating in an enhanced landscape maintenance program offered by the City of Calgary.  This program allows communities to collect an additional amount above their annual property taxes to fund enhanced landscape maintenance services beyond the basic level of service offered by the City of Calgary.  The additional funds are known as a Special Tax and residents receive a letter in November each year notifying them of the amount of the tax for the following year.  The program includes services such as more frequent and comprehensive grass mowing and trimming, flower planting and maintenance, frequent tree and shrub bed maintenance, comprehensive spring and fall cleanups, and other services determined by the community.  Details of the program can be found on the City of Calgary website at the following link:

In Douglasdale, the volunteer-run Douglasdale Maintenance Association is responsible for managing the program for the community.  In Douglas Glen, the program was managed by the volunteer-run Douglas Glen Maintenance Association until it was discontinued in 2016 due to a lack of volunteers.  However, from 2017 onward, the program will be managed by the DouglasQuarry Community Association (DQCA) for the community of Douglas Glen.  Explosive Landscaping has been selected to provide the service and Douglas Glen residents will see a return to pre-2016 levels of landscape maintenance beginning this spring with a comprehensive spring cleanup.

Many residents have asked whether snow clearing on community paths is included in the enhanced landscape maintenance program.  Under the 2017 program this was not included in the program scope and the Special Tax did not include provision for snow clearing.  However, if this is of interest to residents and residents are willing to pay an additional annual amount (likely in the $5 to $10 range) snow clearing may be added to the scope of the enhanced landscape maintenance program.  Residents who are interested in adding snow removal to their community programs are encouraged to contact the Douglasdale Maintenance Association or the DouglasQuarry Community Association to express their interest.