Frequently Asked Questions

DouglasQuarry Community Association (“DQCA”)

(updated 15-Jan-2020)


How can I volunteer in my community?

We are delighted to hear that you would like to participate in the many activities we perform for the Community Association.  We are always looking for neighbours to join in! If you have a specific interest or skillset that you would like us to put to work, please contact us.

What communities are represented by DQCA?

Douglasdale Estates


Quarry Park


Where do I send concerns regarding landscaping? 

If you have concerns regarding grass mowing, trees,shrubs, flowers and flower boxes, that are on public land, please contact:

DouglasGlen –

Quarry Park –

Douglasdale Estates (managed by the Douglasdale Maintenance Association, not affiliated with the DQCA) –

Please ensure that you provide the address or a descriptive location of the area and issue.

Does the DQCA host an Annual Parade of Garage Sales?

Currently the community does not host a Community Garage Sale. In the past, local realtors have coordinated this event.

Spring/Fall Community Clean-up.  Does the DQCA coordinate this type of event?

This is a popular inquiry to the DQCA.

We would love to coordinate a community initiative to help keep us looking great. We would require a volunteer team to help action, so please contact us.  If we get enough volunteers we would like to form a committee to start this initiative up.

I need to replace the fence around my home, are there any architectural guidelines that I need to follow?

Fences are no longer controlled by any architectural control that defined by the developer. Further, it is not within the DQCA scope to regulate or permit/decline changes to home-owned fences. Fences can be repaired and or replaced based on the guidelines set out by the City of Calgary. If you have any questions regarding your fence, please contact 3-1-1 for more information.

If you have concerns about a fence that is shared with your neighbour or within your neighbourhood, please ensure to always have a respectful conversation with your neighbours.  This is the most effective way to resolve issues.

How are the flags that are located at the NW entrance to Douglasdale Estates managed?

These flags are managed by a long time volunteer resident serving our community.  As this is a volunteer managed activity, it is not always possible to lower and raise flags quickly. We do our best to be timely, in respect to situations and events. If you have further questions, or you would like to serve as a volunteer in your community, please contact us.

Does the DQCA host an annual recycling drop-off?

In the past the DQCA has hosted this event. This event was very popular, but sadly residents left recycling waste was to accumulate at the drop-off site in advance, and for several days after the event. Due to this, we are no longer able to host this event.

I have lost the key to my postal mailbox, how do I replace this key?

The postal mailboxes are managed by Canada Post. You can send in a request online.