Congratulations to the Winners of our First Annual DouglasQuarry Holiday Display Contest!

Congratulations to the winners of our 1st Annual DouglasQuarry Holiday Display Contest!

Adine & Garth MacKenzie
Bill & Pauline Wong
Don Vandezande
Nels Correia
Nick & Chelsey Hookenson
Odette Rodrigues
Sharon & Ryan Derdall
Shawn Bastien-Deveth

Thank you all for making our neighbourhood brighter.

Enjoy your Visa gift cards!

We look forward to seeing new displays light up our community next year!

City of Calgary Waste & Recycling Services: Compost your real Christmas tree

Compost your real Christmas tree

Option 1: Put your tree in your green cart

·        Cut your tree into small pieces to fit inside your green cart. Make sure the lid can close.

·        Put extra branches into paper yard waste bags, roll close and set 0.5 metres (two feet) to the side of your cart.

Trees that are not prepared this way will not be collected.

Option 2: Bring to a tree drop-off December 26-January 31

Tree drop-offs will be available around the city to compost your Christmas tree.

·        Remove all lights, ornaments, tinsel, string and tree stands.

·        Do not wrap or bag your tree.

Find a list of locations at

City of Calgary Waste & Recycling Services: Now drop off more electronic items for free recycling

Finding piles of discarded electronics in your drawers and closets, or upgraded to a new device over the holidays? It might be time to recycle your old and used electronics! Never put your electronics in the blue bin, as it can cause damage to recycling facility equipment and harm workers.

Electronics like cellphones, televisions and computers have been recycled in an environmentally safe way instead of being buried in a landfill since 2004.

The City of Calgary is participating in a two-year pilot to help divert even more electronic items from the landfill, such as:

·        Small appliances (hair dryers, irons, toasters, shavers, vacuums)

·        Audio visual (calculators, radios, headphones and earbuds, microphones)

·        Telecom (landline phones, modems and routers)

·        Power and air tools (drills, grinders, circular saws)

·        Games, toys and music (action figures, toy robots, toy vehicles, guitars)

We will continue to accept the following electronics for recycling. Remember to remove personal data before dropping off electronics.

·        Mouse devices, keyboards, cables and speakers

·        Laptops, tablets and notebooks

·        Printers, copiers and fax machines

·        TVs and monitors

Visit for a complete list of accepted items and City-approved drop-off locations, including City landfills. There is no charge to bring electronics to a City landfill unless your load contains other garbage.

Calgary Police Service: Security Reminders for Garages

Just a quick reminder for your community members when they keep their vehicles in garages that it is just as important to keep their vehicles locked and the keys secure in the residence and not leave the keys in the garage.

We have seen in the past few days where garages have been entered via the overhead/man door and vehicles stolen where the keys have been either left in the vehicle or on the side of the garage. 

Furthermore, this information is to help assist the members of our community during these extremely challenging times. The following are a few of the trends unfolding in the City of Calgary that will inevitably impact community members in our area as the circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic continue to unfold.

Things to watch for:

  1. Closures of public venues such as malls, public libraries and recreation centres could result in the vulnerable segment of our cities population being displaced. With decreased vehicle and pedestrian traffic on the streets, the vulnerable sector who may have traditionally relied on panhandling may resort to criminal activity as a means of income. The vulnerable sector may also be looking for alternative locations to sleep/stay warm which could result in this vulnerable segment of our population using force to enter premises looking for a place to spend the night.
  2. Continued targeting of closed restaurants and pubs for cash and/or alcohol.
  3. Continued thefts from liquor stores which could progressively shift to Break & Enter (smash and grab) and robbery events as people become more desperate.