President’s Message – April 2018

Hello DouglasQuarry residents. The first Quarter of 2018 has been cold and snowy, but hopefully by the time you read this, warmer weather and spring conditions are a possibility for us.

With Spring comes several activities within our community; yard clean-ups, street cleaning, golfing at Eaglequest, and more people out on our river pathways. Your board of directors will also be busy planning for upcoming spring and summer activities, as well as putting the finishing touches on key community business.  Some items that need to be mentioned include:

  • Special thanks to both Douglasdale and Douglasglen volunteer rink crews who maintained our outdoor skating rinks this past winter. There was a whole lot of snow to clear off the rinks this year, but still the ice was kept in fantastic shape. Thanks for the hard work you have put in all those cold snowy nights.
  • Timbits soccer will be getting underway and all indications are that registration is strong and we will be looking forward to another great year of fun on the soccer pitches throughout the community. Thanks to all the Timbit organizers, coaches and volunteers for ensuring we have one of the most successful youth soccer programs in the city.
  • We encourage all community members to come out and participate in this years DouglasQuarry Community Association Annual General Meeting, which is being held on May 9, at 7pm at the Remington YMCA. This is your opportunity to meet your Board of Directors, and hear about the activities of the board, our financial position, and updates from our civic officials.
  • We want to hear from you and find out what’s important for you, your family and our community. This survey will help us plan our board activities and prioritize our efforts. Please take 10 minutes to answer our survey at , and give us your feedback. We would love to see a high level of participation, so that we get representative data, and a real picture of what is important to DouglasQuarry residents.
  • We would also encourage residents of DouglasQuarry to consider purchasing a membership. Proceeds from membership sales help to fund board activities and events. Also, having a larger membership base helps to foster a stronger more engaged community. Memberships can be purchased at
  • After a lengthy round of planning and obtaining multiple quotes to remove and rebuild the Douglasdale Estates rink shack, we have now engaged a project management firm to ensure that the work is completed properly, on time and on budget. Surveying and permitting will begin right away and we expect that removal of the old shack and construction of the new one will begin in July after the spring sports season has finished. This project is being funded from DQCA’s share of casino funds received over the last few years. Thanks to the volunteers who have given their time to work casinos on behalf of the community, your efforts are important and make a difference.


I would also like to take a moment to thank two fantastic individuals who have recently stepped down from our Board, Darshan Tailor, and Raeesa Farooqi. These two youthful board members made a tremendous impact during their 2 + years serving as directors. These recent university grads, and long-time residents of our community provided great ideas, enthusiasm, and energy, and tackled some critical roles during their tenure. Their contributions included implementing our overall technology and communications strategy, providing research and guidance on civic issues, planning and organizing arts and culture activities, and being front and center in planning and volunteering for all the events that we hosted. You are both excellent examples of how talented young adults in our community can gain valuable real-life work experience for themselves by volunteering in community activities, and how the community can benefit from having such dedicated hard-working volunteers who can bring passion and fresh thinking to the activities of the board.  My hope is that your efforts will inspire other ambitious students or recent grads to also consider putting their talent to work in shaping their community. I know I speak for everyone on the board when I say you will both be greatly missed. We wish you nothing but the best in all your future activities.


Thanks everyone, I hope you have an enjoyable spring.


Ken Rossi