Every year the community association holds an annual general meeting,

where we review our financial information, review past events and

discuss future activities. Typically we have low attendance and receive

very little feedback from the membership. The AGM provides an opportunity

for the community to come together hear about what’s happening and to

have your ideas and concerns raised. Our AGM this year will be held at 7 pm,

May 3 at Deerfoot Inn and Casino. In an attempt to provide an interesting

and engaging event, we are excited to announce that we have will have a

special guest, Richard White, who will provide his thoughts and observations

on our community and discuss the challenges and opportunities that suburban

communities like DouglasQuarry face in the 21st century. For the past 15

years, Richard has written on topics ranging from public art, parks, pathways,

plazas and urban revitalization in cities large and small. Richard is a monthly

contributor to the Calgary Herald and writes on urban living, urban design and

development, and writes a interesting and insightful blog “everydaytourist.ca”.

We are looking forward to hearing Richard speak, and hope that the community

will come out and support this event.

Our Casino event is scheduled this month on April 13 &14th. We have had a

good response from community members, and have almost all our positions

filled. We could still use a few more volunteers for both of the late evening

shifts, so if you can help please contact me.

By now we should have rolled out the new community dqca.ca website. We

encourage everyone to use the website to get the most up to date information

about community events and initiatives. We will be adding additional content

over the next few weeks to ensure that the information is current and relevant.

If there is something you would like to see or you have suggestions on how

to improve the site we welcome and encourage your feedback. It’s a big

job maintaining a high quality website, and we love to hear from you about

helping with the continued development and maintenance of the site. I know

we have many community members; including seasoned professionals, and

talented young adults in the community who are looking for opportunities to

put their expertise to work and hone their skills. Contact us if you think you

might be interested in helping make our website a high quality resource for our


I would like to thank everyone who has approached me with their ideas and

suggestions, and who have volunteered to help with events, maintain the

rinks, helped with Timbits soccer, the community garden, the maintenance

committees, volunteered on the board, and undertaken many other tasks that

take place around the community. It’s very satisfying to see the willingness

of our members to step up and be part of making DouglasQuarry a great

community to live in. I hope to see lots of the community out to or AGM in

May, and out and about the community as the nice spring weather takes hold.

~ Ken Rossi