City of Calgary: Mask Bylaw Survey – Due July 10.

Similar to other Canadian municipalities, The City of Calgary is considering a bylaw that would enact temporary regulations requiring the wearing of masks or face coverings within indoor public premises. For the purpose of the bylaw, public premise means all or any part of a building, structure or other enclosed area to which members of the public have access.

With this consideration, the temporary removal of masks or face coverings would be permitted for the purpose of specified services where required (for example, eating in a restaurant or for recreational purposes).

Please use this survey to provide feedback by July 10 at noon:

ENMAX Presents: KidsMax – a free online show for Neighbour Day


KidsMax is a free online show in celebration of Neighbour Day.

Saturday, June 20

10 – 11 a.m.

We’ve brought together some great local talent to entertain kids of all ages.

Join us for singing, dancing, art, magic and more!

For every sign-in to the show, ENMAX is donating $1 to support local charities,  so be sure to tune in and share the invitation with others.

Learn more about the show at

City of Calgary: Neighbour Day 2020


Neighbour Day is a yearly celebration of Calgary’s strong community spirit. It started in 2014 in honour of the incredible support and generosity Calgarians showed after the 2013 floods. Now it’s an opportunity to connect with our neighbours, show how we care for each other and celebrate how we make Calgary a great city.


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it is more important than ever that we connect with our neighbours. But we must do so while practicing physical distancing to keep everyone safe. We are encouraging all Calgarians to plan and host virtual events and try some of the activities at the link below with your neighbours. Share your Neighbour Day celebrations on any social media platform using #yycNeighbourDay for a chance to be featured on City channels.


For complete information, see:

City of Calgary: water main break at Quarry Gardens


DQCA has received the following from The City of Calgary Water Services:

This note is to inform you that a watermain break has occurred at Quarry Gd SE. Currently there are 20 residential properties experiencing water service disruption.  

This break is considered a high priority and, if necessary, our crews will be working extended hours to get the break repaired as safely and as quickly as possible.

Our goal is to restore water service as soon as possible. Water Services evaluates water main breaks on a priority basis taking into consideration number of people out of water, disruption to traffic and critical services or businesses impacted.

City of Calgary: Yard work, Gardening and Covid-19


When gardening outside, here are a few basic rules for physical distancing to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

  • Chat with your neighbours from a distance.
  • Sharing bulbs/cuttings or other plants? Create a “sharing zone” where you can put plants. Leave them there for 24 hours before having your neighbour pick them up.
  • Wash your hands before and after gardening, and touching shared items like garden hoses, tools, compost bins, etc.
  • Have a set of basic tools for each person who gardens to reduce contamination:
    • A hand trowel
    • gloves
    • a pailor bucket and,
    • a secateur or loppers.
  • Disinfect/clean tools before and after use.
    • Clean handles protect us from COVID-19,
    • Clean blades protect plants from diseases.
  • If you share a green space or yard (like a semi-detached house or townhouse), create zones in the garden.
    • Give everyone at least six feet of space between each other, and assign parts of the yard or garden to each person.
    • One person/family can mow the lawn while the other remains inside, one person/family can care for trees while another tends flower beds on separate days, etc.
  • To help with distancing and encourage enjoying outdoors, you can set up new spaces where people can sit and be safely distanced.
  • Stay connected through technology. Many local gardening experts and businesses are holding online training events, garden tours, and much more.

DouglasQuarry Community Association’s 2020 Annual General Meeting is postponed


In compliance with COVID-19 isolation protocol, the DouglasQuarry Community Association (“DQCA”) regrets to announce:

  • The 2020 Annual General Meeting is postponed until Autumn 2020. Please watch future communications for an update. 

  • DQCA-hosted events including the Fun Run & BBQ are cancelled.

We wish all residents of our DouglasQuarry neighbourhoods a safe and enjoyable summer!

City of Calgary: Ward 12 Update for March, 2020.



1. Green Line Stage One Committee Update

We are collecting public feedback on the updated alignment to ensure the project team and Council understand public sentiment regarding this recommendation. The intent of collecting input is not to influence the alignment ahead of Council’s decision; rather, input received will be summarized and shared with Council for consideration during their decision making in April 2020.

Currently the team is exploring different bridge types for crossing the Bow River and Prince’s Island Park. To look at these images, visit:

The next Green Line Committee Meeting is scheduled for April 23, 2020, to give Calgarians more time for input, additional opportunities will be scheduled when available. Councillor Keating is Chair of the Green Line Committee and would like to remind everyone that this meeting is open to the public, so please come participate!


2. Special Tax Levy Bylaw

Calgary Parks is scheduled to bring this item to Committee in March 2020. An overview of the Enhanced Landscape Maintenance (ELM) program is given to a community which has voluntarily joined this program to provide additional landscape maintenance services beyond what Calgary Parks would provide to other community parks.

Currently Douglas Glen is the only community in Ward 12 who operates under the Special Tax Levy Bylaw.

For more information please visit:


3. 2020 Community Cleanup Program Update

Each year Calgary Community Standards in partnership with Waste and Recycling Services, provide support and resources to community associations wishing to hold a community cleanup event in their neighbourhood. This year Ward 12 events will be held in May in Auburn Bay, and June in Cranston & Shepard (partnering with New Brighton). Community cleanup events are free and Calgarians can attend any of the cleanup events.

For a schedule listing, visit: